Bombs and Blades

Worthy Sacrifice

Phaistos disc recovered!

Hitori and Jane tracked the Phaistos disc to the Bosnian pyramids near Sarajevo. The runners caught a train to the war-torn city and arranged for transportation. They also agreed to a minor protection job, which got them caught up in local gang politics. While he’s not exactly a friend, they established a relationship with Abdul Rahman bin Omar al-Ahmad, one of the few car dealers in the area.

They drove a clunky old SUV out to the pyramids, which were swarming with Aztechnology archaeologists and security. Stan and Karina snuck into the camp to steal the supplies they’d need: oxygen masks, digging and climbing tools, and disguises. The group infiltrated one of the pyramids and found the secret underground chamber where the true disc was hidden, then cleverly defeated its guardians.

Harlequin showed up to congratulate Jane, and Samriel showed up to congratulate the runners.

Loot: 55,000¥ and 15 karma

Earned 15 karma: 1 for survival, 1 for locating the true disc, 6 for recovering it, 4 for major contacts, and 3 for smarts and coolness.


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