Bombs and Blades

Black Market Bonanza

The Millennium Falcon of delivery trucks

Jane explains the layout of the Lagos black markets. To avoid looking like tourists and drawing attention the runners decide to split up into 2 groups, Daemon and Jaime go to check out a bulk weapons supplier named Osayi Ibe, a surly dwarf who doesn’t do small time deals. Jane, Karina, and Hiereth take a motorcycle taxi to the Leventis Market to pick up other odds and ends things. Dealings with Osayi go well, as Daemon negotiates the sale of our 13 AKs and purchase of a suped up Hermes Bulldog van, a crate of SA Puzzlers (4), an Einfield AS-7 bad ass custom Shotgun, and an R3 Tacsoft. We ask about Samriel, and Osayi knows the next place he went is a local Talismonger. On their way to the Market the taxi stops and the group sees something happening in the road. A group of gangers are taking people from an old school bus and loading them into a truck. One girl runs towards the taxi and a ganger chases after her, Jane decides enough is enough and shoots that bastard dead. Fight breaks out, gangers die, other gangers flee, and as Karina is getting ready to hunt down the bastards who were shooting at her Jane warns the group of the local tactic where the gangers act like cockroaches when they scatter, and come back in larger numbers. Group does their shopping. Daemon and Jaime stop by the talismonger to track Sammy. Turns out the talismonger doesn’t trust Sammy because he’s an Atlantean and chromed out for a mage. Some Data Searching is unfruitful as Hireth encounters a Data Bomb and a Black Ice program. Jane points out if we know Samriel is in an Atlantean compound we don’t have to search the local hotels. Jane points us to a friend of a friend ( Kayin, and he’s a friend of Jane’s friend Elijah) who runs an antiquites shop. He gives us some background on the “The Sextant of the Worlds” (not Sexton as we thought), and tells us it’s being sold in an upcoming auction hosted by Yoruba royalty, and if we do him a favor, he’ll provide us with an introduction into that circle. That little favor will involve us transporting an object from one location to another… sounds simple enough, but we will be doing it in fucked-up-magic areas where Jaime, Hitori, and Karina will be at a distinct disadvantage. Ghouls will be the enemy of the week.

We also agreed hacking off body parts to sell to chrome dealers is totally cool and we should do it more often. (Be happy we aren’t organ legging)


Loot: –2,700¥ and 3 karma

No loot from this session, party bought a van and tacsoft R3, stash of AKs applied to van cost before dividing out. Karma for survival, protecting Jane during an ambush, and beatitude.


bszonye bszonye

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