Bombs and Blades

Inside The Zone things heat up. We are attacked by a random pack of bug spirit hybrids, and when we can no longer proceed in the SUV we coerce some Maggot gangers to lead us to a parking garage where there are some snow mobiles. The Tacsoft labels targets but has a problem with one of them, as he doesn’t seem to be carrying any weapons. Hitori identifies him as a bug shaman, and Stan takes him out with a shotgun to the dome. The rest of the bug spirits are handled and we get ourselves some shiny snow mobiles. At The Spire it seems Spire Enterprises is under siege, they ask us to relay a message to The Union, but instead we take on the job of breaking the siege ourselves, and start wiping the floor with The Greek’s men. Daemon pulls off some crazy swerves and snow drifts as he dodges 10 attacks to keep Hitori in LoS of the forward groups who get stunballed into oblivion. Spire Enterprises pays us with 12 frag grenades and a ride on a VTOL aircraft and tells us Sonora left for Denver. Jane calls up and says the Sextant isn’t in Chi-town any more and we tell her what we know. She isn’t happy, with Denver being home to Ghostdragon.

Loot: 9,000¥ and 4 karma

A trip into The Zone proved to be profitable as we turned in 11 bug heads for 4k¥ each and a bug shaman with a price on her head of 10,000¥. Also collected 25 Ares Alphas from fallen mafia enforcers and a box of 12 frag grenades. Karma: 1 for reaching The Spire in the zone, 1 for contact with Spire Enterprises, 1 survival and 1 beatitude.


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