Bombs and Blades

Frosty calls up after some R&R time to discuss finding the Sextant again, we meet her at a posh restaurant, so the trolls wait in the van, she outlines the mission and payment but is evasive about the location until we agree to take the mission. Turns out the Sextant is in Chicago. Frosty is using the Piri Ries map to do a magic ritual to track the Sextant but she can only do it every so often. We fly to O’Hare airport and start looking for this girl Sonora. Frosty wants us to hit up this bar called Pog mo Thoin and get her a t shirt and some information. On the way we run into some different Chicago locals. Human Brigade, homeless folk, water spirits, and wild dogs. At the bar they tell us to go meet “The Greek” who may have more information and that a bounty is out on Sonora, 50,000, which has brought all kinds of hunters, including Bossk apparently. The Greek says Sonora is probably in The Zone at the Spire, the only people crazy enough to actually smuggle her out of Chicago. A quick visit to Archangel’s Bounty Boards to get the latest list of most wanteds and we are off to the Zone.

Loot: 2,240¥ and 4 karma

After 10 weeks of downtime to train skills and make van upgrades the team takes a job from Jane to find the Sextant again: 5,000¥ up front, 5,000¥ on completion, plus the finders fee is raised to 120,000¥. Team expenses for the step van cost 2,760¥. Mission is in Chicago. Looted 17 Steyr TMP machine pistols, 11 Ares IV heavy pistols (traded to The Greek for EX-Explosive AR ammo). Karma: 1 for meeting “The Greek” 1 for tracking Sonora to The Spire, 1 survival, 1 beatitude.


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