Bombs and Blades

Crash Landing in South Dakota

Oops, was that Mount Rushmore?

A couple of t-birds (the mythical kind) force down Ricky Steelsky’s t-bird (the mechanical kind). The plane takes some damage, and an away team sets out to find a friendly mechanic. Unfortunately, the nice local hippie commune has been slaughtered by eco-terrorists. Vinny and Daemon demonstrate the effectiveness of grenades in sturdy farmhouses. Conclusion: It’s better to be outside when the grenades go off.

Loot: 10,000¥ and 4 karma

Got tons of gear from a bunch of eco-terrorist gun nuts. Fenced most of the loot so far. Karma: 1 for befriending Ricky Steelsky, 1 for causing and surviving absurd grenade damage, 1 for coolness, 1 for general survival.


bszonye bszonye

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