Bombs and Blades

After a good nights sleep we trekked into Surulere to retrieve the object we were sent for. Finding the place took SEVENTEEN hours and several wrong turns. We arrived exactly at midnight, as if fate wanted us to see this place in the dead of night. Two spirits attacked, sending Karina into a fantasy land where she murdered ghouls for the mask, and Daemon into a panicked state. Stan took care of the dead peeling bird face thing, and after Vinny was able to feel out the other target Jaime put 6 bullets square in it’s chest which caused it to go into hiding. Stan went upstairs to flush it out and was sent into robo dino fantasy land. The spirit fled and the magic subsided, so we searched the place. We found what we were looking for and GTFO of that place. Back at the hotel after a short nights rest we were pushed by area boys to buy a ju-ju charm to ward off bad spirits from the forbidden zone. Daemon talked them into a single sale and we paid them off to keep quiet and out of the way.

On our way to deliver the small iron mask we are contacted by Jane who took care of drop off for the item, we have to be on a plane in an hour to fly out to the palace of the Yoruba King Adegoke in Ifé. The favor from Kayin gets us the royal treatment. A Suite, a viewing of the artifacts tagged for auction, and an amazing dinner. The tour and viewing go ok. The Sextant is nowhere to be seen, but there is an interesting map. At dinner Jaime stuffs his face. After dinner Jane informs us we have a chance to pick up a side job, our invitation to the auction was as guests, not bidders, because we have no gift for the king, and we need one. If we can successfully acquire the Piri Reis map from the action we will receive 10% of its value as a bonus from Jane’s sponsors. With nothing left to do the team turns in to sleep in the suite. Our sleep is interrupted by a team of palace security, apparently there has been a theft and they wanted to see our reaction to guards. This provides an opportunity for us to get into the action with a gift for the king, a thief and a returned stolen artifact. Jane says she can hold down the suite with Heireth, and the rest of the team heads back to Lagos to look for leads.

The antiquities dealer Kayin has a potential lead, and tells us to contact a man named Hippo as a restaurant called the three friends. With some time to kill we get our per diem from the Hawala run by Kayin and track down a Valkyrie Module for the Bulldog and start an install project. After some progress we go meet Hippo, who wants 50,000 naira for the information, but Daemon talks him into a favor instead. A quick drop-off to the Island of Lagos of an unmarked package. We quickly agree, get the package, and start fighting traffic. A bribe gets us on the island and Hitori checks on the package (without telling any of us) with a watcher spirit. It contains common street drugs. The drop off goes off easy and we get back to Hippo for the information we need. Apparently a guy named Silence took the statue to insult the Yoruba government. He gives us the location of a brothel Silence likes to hang out at. We take up positions and send in Daemon to assess the situation. Turns out the situation sucks and Stan goes storming in the front door to keep Daemon from getting popped. A window out back opens and Karina goes in and hip checks a prostitute out the window, but his disguise gets disrupted so Karina goes for the finishing move and knocks Silence out. Stan trips up a guard inside and the other two pump him full off rounds, he goes down. Jaime leaps the alley, runs across the roof of the brothel, drops down and enters the front door, downs a guard with gel rounds, and gets the other two to surrender. He picks up the 3 AK-97s and Hitori and Daemon drag Stan out by the ankles. With area boys coming to investigate its time to scatter (too bad, as Silence is in a prostitute outfit and doesn’t have any of his gear). Vinny carries Stan back to the van and Jaime and Karina carry Silence. We zip tie his limbs and zip tie him to the van. Now all we need is the statue and we have our gift for Adegoke.

Loot: 250¥ and 4 karma

No appreciable loot from this session, 3 AK-97s from when we picked up Silence. Spent the party slush fund on information. Got paid a per diem of 5,000 neira. Karma: 1 for mission objective when we retrieved the mask, 1 bonus for getting out of the cursed zone under ideal circumstances (no damage, no ghoul packs chasing us), 1 for survival, 1 for beatitude.


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