Bombs and Blades

Met with a contact of Mac’s named Jane at some bohemian cult gathering. Very creepy. She needs bodyguards and we are right for the job. An artifact was stolen from the Draco Foundation in route to the Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical Research. Jane also tells us there is a runner ahead of us, the artifact is in Nigeria, and she will pay us 2,000¥/day for the job, 250¥ per diem expenses (5 days up front, in naira), and a 50,000¥ finder’s fee if we get the artifact back. Some matrix research by the new team technomancer reveals Jane is actually “Frosty” Foster, a Jackpoint user, and magic user. We get into Africa and have to take a bush plane from somewhere to Lagos being flown by a guy named “Innocent”. Turns out Innocent is a lucky guy, we get shot at, and a SAM missile (yes I know thats redundant) tries to take down the plane but Hitori stops it with a barrier spell. We have to land for repairs and as it happens there is a -Humvee ready to roll out so we go on a little field trip to take down the pirate camp that shot at us. Much looting and fun had by all (special thanks to Hiereth for disabling the automated defense platform), although Stan got a bit overzealous and took too many bullets to stay standing. Hitori healed him to stumbling, but Stan will need a couple recovery days. We round up the AK-97s, heavy weapons, smart platform, used truck, crap commlinks, and SAM site and missles, much to Vinny’s objections, and head back. Jaime clears the gun jam of Vinny’s Assault Rifle and tells him to take better care of his weapons.

Back at the airfield we sell off a majority of the loot for 14,100¥, a 2k split and 100¥ slush fund for the mission. We keep the AK-97s, commlinks, and the Panther XXL. The plane lands in Lagos just fine but we are stopped trying to exit the terminal. Daemon takes care of it, talking them down to accepting a 20¥ bribe from each of us, and later Jane points out the Igbo will not talk to women or she would have handled that. The hotel is one of the nicer in Lagos apparently, with every room guaranteed insect free but comes with a giant lizard to eat them. After settling in Jane explains she needs to go shopping, she “clearly needs more bullets for the Ares Predator.”

Loot: 3,250¥ and 3 karma

This game we looted a pirate camp for some SAM missles and sold them to a friendly airbase for 14,000¥ total. Also recieved 25,000 naira each which is 1,250¥, a 20:1 conversion rate. Gain 1 karma for mission objectives, 1 karma for survival, and 1 karma for beatitude.


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