Bombs and Blades

The runners track Sonora to Deer Creek Park, where a smuggler named Winding Joe is sneaking her out in a t-bird. Unfortunately, Sonora has hired goons to slow down pursuers. Worse, they drag another group of smugglers & slavers into the fight as the t-bird spins up its engines.

Things look pretty good at first: Daemon pulls off some cool off-road maneuvers, Stan corners a hacker, Dakka pops some triads, and Karina makes julienne fries. However, things take a turn for the worse when Dakka takes a serious beating from a triad adept, and Vinny gets sloppy with suppression fire around innocent women and children. Karina pulls off a brilliant FATALITY move on the adept, saving Dakka’s skin, and Daemon hauls ass to collect everyone and escape before the park rangers show up. He notices three mysterious men with religious paraphernalia as he speeds away.

Jane loses her temper a bit over the increasingly gratuitous lethality, and she dresses Vinny down for his callousness. On the bright side, the hacker spilled Sonora’s destination (San Bernardino, PCC) which should give Jane a break from map-reading, so she’ll be less cranky. It also gives her a chance to use some of her epic magic to heal everyone fully, although it leaves her drained again.

The good news from all this is that you can head off Sonora and get to LA before she does. The bad news is that some witnesses mistakenly fingered you as smugglers in league with the slavers. Word on the street is that the “deal” went bad, and now you’re wanted in the PCC for kidnapping, talislegging, metahuman trafficking, destruction of public property, possession of illegal firearms, assault with a deadly weapon, murder, and littering.

Loot: 0¥ (–2,800¥ party fund) and 4 karma

Looted a ton of weapons from the showdown at deer creek park. 6 Ingram White Knigts (2,000¥ each, 1 to Dakka, anyone else want a machine gun?), 14 Remington 990 (550¥ each), 7 Ruger Super Warhawk (250¥ each), 8 Ingram Smartgun X (650¥ each), 1 R1 Weapon Foci (Sword) (10,000¥), 6 pair cyber eyes R2 w/ flare comp, low light, vision enhancement 2, and smartlink (6,500¥ each) 1 R5 Commlink w/ hotsim module, Analyze 5, Armor 5, Attack 5, Biofeedback Filter 5, Black Hammer 3, Browse 4, Command 3, Decrypt 4, Edit 5, Scan 5, Spoof 3, Stealth 5, Track 3, Exploit 5. (to Vinny), 1 R4 Commlink (8,500¥), 8 R3 Commlink (2500¥ each), 7 Armor Jacket (900¥ each), 9 Lined Coat (700¥ each). Need to find a fence in LA before we can see a dime for any of this (split 6 ways). 1 Karma for tracking Sonora, 1 for survival, 1 for beatitude, 1 extra coolness point simply for being badass. 2,800¥ spent from party slush fund on information gathering.


bszonye bszonye

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