Bombs and Blades

A plan is concocted to turn in a worthless wife beater (Silence’s Cousin) in place of the master of disguise after Silence gives us information on the statue. Turns out it has a Hawala curse on it so the patriarch of Silence’s family gives it to us with out a fight, and Katrina extracts the pawn from the second story of the compound with some sneaky sneakiness. We turn in our gift to the king and find out the auction is happening back in Lagos on Lagos Island. We find out the Russian “archeologist” (read: mobsters) are the ones who bribed the taxi drivers and ghouls to ambush us, so Dakka makes short work of their ambush rigger and the archeologist with his sniper rifle, leaving a boat on the waterfront with no owner. The auction happens and Jane is quickly outbid, the map goes to the representatives of Lowfyr for 2.1 million nuyen, making our 10% finders fee 210,000¥. Jane and the team are on the same page as we begin operatoins to intercept Lowfyr’s man before he can deliver the map. Some quick driving by Daemon puts us ahead of the Aztechnology team who apparently has the same idea as us. Karina stays with the van and Dakka jumps out and heads for the empty boat. The cops start chasing the van, so Karina hops out and Dakka is on the other side of the bridge to the island trapping the guy with the map between the two of us. He is easily dispatched and we grab the map and get back on the boat. The Aztechnology guys take pot shots at us but Dakka scares them off with a Sniper Rifle shot to one of their craniums and an exploding motorcycle. We meet up at the airport and GTFO back to the UCAS. Foster pays us our 210,000¥ fee for the map and our nuyen for the bodyguard work, not bad for 1 weeks worth of work. Time for some nice relaxing down time.

Loot: 51,250¥ and 13 karma

Payday! After a successful mission and acquisition of the Piri Reis Map. 210,000¥ for the map (10% of 2.1 million) over 6 people is 35k each, 16,000¥ each for 8 days of body guard work, and an additional 5,000 naria as a per diem. Also 12 AK-97s from our little ghoul hunt and some form fitting body armor off of the guy who won the map auction. Total 51,000¥ plus whatever naira you may have lying around gets converted. Karma: 2 part session so 2 for survival 2 for beatitude and 9 for mission objectives, 1 for getting the stolen statue back, 1 for giving Silence to the king, 1 for keeping Silence alive, 1 for keeping Frosty alive during the Ghoul attack, 1 for getting to the auction on time, 1 for dealing with the Russians who tried to kill us, 2 for recovering the Map, 1 for dealing with the Aztecnology goons. 13 total karma.


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