Bombs and Blades

The runners make it to Denver and start tracking down Sonora. Their best lead is a Native infobroker named Belinda Swiftwing, who operates out of the Golden Feather saloon in PCC quadrant. After surviving a police ambush, hiring a runner, and putting some racist orks & trolls in their places (and/or graves), they finally get to meet Belinda.

Also, a video of Vinny eating a shuriken gets 1,500,000 hits on the Matrix.

Loot: 0¥ and 3 karma

Looted Colt America L36 x4 (150¥ each), Defiance EX Shocker x4 (150¥ each), Stun Baton x4 (400¥ each), 1 pair Cyber Eyes R2 w Imagelink, Smartlink, and Thermographic Vision (2,750¥) split 6 ways (Dakka, Daemon, Karina, Hitori, Hiereth, Vinny). Karma: 1 survival, 1 coolness nominations, 1 miscellaneous good stuff.


bszonye bszonye

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